No Darkness Can Remain.

March 30th was the first time TCA was able to produce the same event at two locations simultaneously! Thanks to you our growing team of partners and collaborators, the work of TCA is continuing to expand to create new spaces for an alternative community of people looking to engage with the reality of Jesus and his kingdom. The Image above capture the people at New Denver and Belong interacting with ten stations inspired by the ancient practice of Via Delarosa (The Way of Suffering), a practice of walking through the moments of Jesus journey to crucifixion. Participants used their smartphones or one of the provided tablets to listen to audio guides that walked them through questions and devotional thoughts as they went through the installations. (you can still hear the audio-guide if you missed the event, just THIS LINK will take you to the event page.) The audio guide featured an incredible soundtrack composed for the event by local musician Danny Burton. We highly recommend following his work now so that when he blows up you can have the honor of being one of the people who saw it coming!

 Over 200 people attended the events and It would not have been possible without Norton Herbst at New Denver Church and Justin Bullis from Belong. Their generous spirit and faith in us to produce this event in their buildings without having ever seen something like this done before was truly special and we're profoundly grateful. Also a huge thank you goes out to Kevin Cochran for donating his time, skill and equipment to these events, He was a lifesaver in so many ways! 

Stay to tuned to TCA in the coming months as wer continue to find space