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Torn Curtain is a non-profit company with a mission to Participate with Jesus in the healing and renewal of all things through cultivating dramatic art and artists. we seek to collaborate with a diverse group of actors, musicians, film-makers and writers in order to help them produce better art.



Here's what other say about us...

 "Paul Romig-Leavitt is a phenom. He combines sharp-witted writing and powerful acting skills that range from comedic to dramatic. Every 'performance' he give is a spotless sacrifice of praise to the God that he loves so very much. I have worked with Paul for over seven years now and highly recommend him and his amazing ministry to anybody who wants to see the impact drama and the arts can have on a community of believers. The only thing that surpasses his dramatic and writing ability is his passion for Jesus and heart to serve others."
     Greg Stier  Dare 2 Share Ministries

“Paul is one of the most uniquely gifted people I have ever met. Having performed with him for more than four years, I have seen first hand his ability to engage and move an audience. Whether he is performing music or drama, Paul is Adept and talented as a communicator of truth. I recommend him for any ministry setting without reservation.”

        Danny Oertli Recording Artist and Author 


“I believe you should experience Paul Romig-Leavitt in your congregation. He combines brilliant artistry with warmth, humility, compassion and humor. I have personally experienced his ability to surprise an audience with the freshness and power of the gospel. Paul is committed to speaking truth to a generation whose hearing has been dulled by mediocrity and lies. I am confident God will use him to bring life change to your community.”

         Karl Wheeler Pastor and Speaker



Cue lines

A collection of 14 sketches and 2 one act plays